Monday, October 14, 2013

Earthquake in my hometown Cebu..

Oh my.. I read so many postings and pictures of the aftermath of the quakes in Bohol and Cebu. It's frightening to see how it happened. I spoke with my brother and everything is fine back home. I am thankful.

If you want to see some clips, I will share it here and compile some. The videos aren't mine.. I just found it in youtube....

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Missing in Action

Oh yes! I am missing in action here. Well, it is hard to find relevant topic for this blog. I have been running my other blog a little bit here and there but it seems this one always left me out with no writing. So sorry!

I have been doing just home and work and little bit of fun so there's not much to talk about nature. I wish I could travel again or drive elsewhere to get this blog rolling but apparently I can't write anything about. But as soon as I have something I will update this soon..For all of you who stick around and read some of my topics in this blog, thank you for dropping by.

Friday, November 30, 2012

Atmospheric Pressure

It’s not likely that the Bay area would experience storms for days. I am not sure if this already happen before but what the weather is telling me at this point is that, it’s an ugly day of heavy down pour of rain.

My desk at work can visibly see how it is outside. Leaves from the trees are all over the place. It’s wet, damp and windy. I am so sorry for some of my co-employees who are doing their job on the field. I know some of them might be wishing if they can work inside the office. Poor guys, nature doesn’t get in their favor. Sometimes you can’t predict what nature unfolds. 

Several days of gloomy weather, is not ideal for outdoor activities. Not to mention I have to get my Christmas tree this weekend. It will spoil the fun of picking a good one. I hope the wind will blow fast and take all the ugliness in them. I want to see Mr. Sunshine again.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Timubo Cave, Camotes Island Cebu

I took a tour from Mangodlong Paradise. The tour includes Timubo Cave. I can’t pinpoint from the map where the cave is located but maybe I can find some guide over the web and I will post it later.

It was only a brief moment when I saw the cave. I was with my brother and dad. We are a group of 5 and only three of us were brave enough to conquer what nature unfold. I went down with heart palpitating. It’s a deep cave. I don’t remember how far did we reach but we didn’t get to the bottom.

I thought I could reach the end of it and take good pictures of the entire cave. I failed and it sucked. The reason was the water level. All of us didn’t wear beach clothes and we don’t want to get wet. So we only got the portion. But I don’t have regrets at all.

Coming down was hard and getting up. I thought I might panic there because I feel a strange in my breathing. I destructed my senses and didn’t pay close attention to it. I did that by taking pictures when we were about to get to the surface. 

At least I conquer my fears of dark and feeling suffocated. Now I have a little adventure marked on my list.

Monday, June 11, 2012

The Heat is here

The sun was favorably shining yesterday and today. I could feel the heat but not as bad that you could perspire in an instant. I haven't been out enjoying the warm weather. I stayed most of the time under the shed where aircon is running a blast. Thankful to the cheap electricity that I could run the aircon whole day not minding on the next month's high bill. But I sparingly used it when needed to save energy and money.

I hope in a few coming months I could spend a time in a beach, relax my confusing mind and physically just rest. That I am looking forward to enjoy.

Monday, April 2, 2012

Living Here

Thanks to Wm Rowe

Living here has taught me a lot of things but one of the biggest is that you have to trust your intuition. I think it’s crucial that you not stay working in a job you hate for more than a year because your job is so much of your life, you know? You spend so much time there! So I decided to start my own business and boy has it been a whirlwind. I never would have imagined so many things would go into this but you know, from the Bronx T1 to the small business labor laws, I’m learning as I go. I think it’s crucial to keep your mind working well into adulthood so you don’t go stale – there’s nothing worse than getting less smart just because you don’t use your brain. I saw it happen to my own dad after he retired and now that I’m getting older I want to make sure it doesn’t happen to me, it’s just the saddest thing in the world to see from afar!

Spring is here

Even if Spring started with Storm here in the bay area. The weather is been very good. It's not too drastically hot nor too windy for the change. Right now, I looked outside seeing a bright sunshine. Perfect to enjoy the day. But I am working so just looking and imagining things outside could have been more fun. I hope for a better days to come. Storm go away, please give us more sunshine!